The new ASUS laptop, the ZenBook Duo 14, delivers an exceptional user experience using a secondary screen, located next to the keyboard, which makes the laptop especially comfortable for work, whether you practice professions that require calculation and comparison of documents or creative professions and need a powerful computer to design and draw.

The ZenBook Duo 14 is equipped with an 11th generation Intel processor that will provide you with all the power and stability for all work needs – of course it is not a computer intended for gamers, although it has basic capabilities so you can play not very demanding games. Its design is very beautiful, futuristic and it even has an ergonomic tilt for a particularly comfortable user experience.

Beyond work, this is a very comfortable computer for viewing content, with a NanoEdge monitor, without a frame on all four sides, and with an ultra-thin screen edge and a 93 percent chassis screen ratio. The screen, which is 14 inches in size and has FHD resolution, comes with LED backlighting and capabilities to prevent glare and low emissions of blue light – so it is suitable for long-term and very high-quality viewing.

The secondary touch screen, located next to the keyboard, is the highlight of the device. It comes with automatic tilt at an angle of up to 7 degrees, which helps reduce glare and reflections during reading. Enjoy high-quality display on both screens and improve workflow and multi-tasking support for a variety of built-in ScreenPad Plus applications. The secondary screen surface, the Screen Pad Plus, also includes the upgraded ScreenXpert 2 software which offers full multi-tasking support on the dual screen. You can upgrade power and creativity with built-in applications and create creative and innovative workflows with the new and exclusive Control Panel application. For example, you can display the comments and correspondence during meetings with colleagues on the secondary screen and enjoy convenient video calls or move the timeline of the videos or make room for professional tools if you are editing. The screen also supports a touch pen so you can easily draw and sketch on it.

As mentioned, the computer is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation i7 processor and has an advanced system for improving airflow and efficient heat dissipation – which ensures quiet work (the laptop is almost inaudible) and on the other hand no heating problems, so you can rest it on your knees peacefully. Beyond Intel’s built-in video card, the computer is also equipped with an NVIDIA graphics card, the GeForce MX450, which is great for working and editing videos and photos.

Beyond that the computer has connections for all the required peripherals and is equipped with two Thunderbolt USB 4 USB-C connections, it supports power charging and video connection via DisplayPort and even an external K8 monitor can be connected. The sound from the computer is very clear, with the help of ASUS SonicMaster audio technology – and the results are simply good with a sharp, powerful sound.

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