WhatsApp is going to solve one of the most annoying issues in the app

Whether you’re a hater of voicemails, or you just can not do without them, it’s very likely that the new feature that WhatsApp is testing these days will make you very happy. According to the publication on the WABetaInfo website, the company is considering changing the way the voicemails are played on the device, so that instead of remaining “stuck” within the call screen where the voicemail was sent – you can correspond with other contacts at the same time.

In fact, the new feature allows you to exit the call, without the recording you are listening to being stopped or closed in the middle, and you will lose the point where you stopped listening. The current update is currently being tested by iOS users testing the beta version of the app, and still does not appear in their counterparts with Android devices. It is still unclear if and when it will become available to all users.

The new feature in WhatsApp (Photo: Screenshot from Wabetainfo)

In any case, the very fact that the feature is currently under review indicates that the meta listened to the prayers of the users, especially those who have won digging friends, who like to record a lot of voice messages.

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