Lotem Finkelstein, director of the cyber intelligence department at Check Point, spoke today (Tuesday) with Anat Davidov on the program “Where is the money” on 103FM about the collapse of the world’s leading sites, including CNN and Amazon, and explained what is behind the incident: “The victim is Not the site itself, but the server through which you enter the site. “

In his opening remarks, Finkelstein clarified: “You can relax, the services are back, you can access all the sites as if nothing happened”, and continued: “What happened, the result we all experienced was that we tried to access sites like Twitter or CNN or almost every major site in the world and failed, we received a message “It’s been around for two hours, and it’s been a long time coming.“

He explained: “What is affected is not the site itself, but the server through which you enter the site. In order to access the content as quickly as possible to the device, the companies themselves want to put their server in each country, ie they have sites in each country and instead of accessing the main site. “Go to the local site which is a copy of the main site. What happened is that all the copies of these servers fell and it was not possible to access the copy.“

On the possibility that it was a cyber attack he said: “At this point very few details are known, according to the company it is a malfunction of their computers and not an external attack. Apparently it is something technical, but we know a similar case happened almost 5 years ago so could not access Twitter “The middle fell, and it fell as a result of a very large cyber attack that was full of security cameras in the world. They simply sent requests to the same service and dropped it in order to prevent users from accessing Twitter.“

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He explained how to fix the fault: “All the company’s employees are focused on looking for what the problem is and when they find it they give the very short time to the same technical person to pick up the shelter. The middle company that provides the same service to all major sites is the one who should lift the shelter otherwise it will not be accessible To those sites. “

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