Telegram threat: This is why the German government is considering blocking it

The Telegram app is very popular around the world due to the high level of security and the many features it offers and enable the protection of users’ privacy. This has helped protesters in many countries plan the protest, and even several coup attempts. However, the features that made it the ideal tool for protest organization, under the nose of local government, have made it popular with criminals, hackers and terrorists around the world, who use it to communicate with each other in a classified way.

This has provoked much criticism of the app in recent years, and now – the German government is opening a front against the app. Interior Minister Nancy Passer said today (Wednesday) that the state may decide to block the app, which has become popular among far-right groups and opponents of the country’s corona restrictions, if it continues to violate state laws.

She explained in an interview with Die Zeit that “this cannot be ruled out. A complete shutdown of telegram activity in the country is severe, and it is clear that it is the last resort. First, all available options must be exhausted.” She also noted that Germany is currently examining, together with its partners in the European Union, how Telegram can be regulated.

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