Tricks for Wi.Fi to reach the most complicated areas of the house

The importance of a good red wifi in the house is increasing, as the number of electronic devices in homes is increasing. It is no longer just the mobile phone, tablet or laptop that requires a connection to a network. The television, the console, the kitchen robot, the robot vacuum cleaner, the refrigerator… etc. But in the house there is still dark areas, where the Wi-Fi does not reach with all its power or, directly, it does not reach.

There are tricks to eliminate these dark areas or get around them and optimize the performance of the Wi-Fi network anywhere in the house and they are the following.

The first of all is to take into account the location of the router. When you go to install it, the technician already has a meter that measures the power with which the network reaches every corner of the house, so he will help you find the best location. It is recommended to place it in the center of the house so that it distributes the signal in the best way. It is also convenient to place it at a certain height and in a space that is free of more elements that intercept the signal.

The placement of the router antennas is also important. There is an erroneous belief that the correct way to place the antennas is both vertically. But this is not so. It is recommended that they be in perpendicular to each other. A vertically and the other horizontally, forming an angle of 90 degrees.

It is convenient to detect the dark areas once the router is installed correctly. This can help relocate the device to try to get the network as good as possible to all areas.

You always have to be attentive to router firmware update, which is an internal program that each device has and which controls its operation. The usual thing is that more and more routers update it automatically. If not, in the instruction manual they explain how you can update this firmware through a computer in a simple way.

saturated channels

Wifi, one of the most used functions today. Photo Clarin

One more step to improve this Wi-Fi coverage will be to search for the least saturated channels to broadcast. What’s this?

The signal is broadcast by channels, which you can check on the web page from which you can manage the router and then choose, in the control panel, the channel with the least traffic. There are also free applications that facilitate this task, such as Wifi Analyzer, for example.


Routers come in a wide variety of varieties. Routers come in a wide variety of varieties.

Another resource can be the acquisition of network repeaters to install in the points of the house where the network costs more to reach. They are known as PLC devices, but they usually work if the walls of the house or the spaces are reduced. These devices connect to the electrical network of the house.

With respect to this last option, there is an advance in terms of signal distribution. They are other wireless accesses equipped with Wi-Fi mesh technology. The difference with PLCs is that the distribution of these devices is done intelligently. These signal splitters communicate with each other to distribute the signal as efficiently as possible.

With more and more devices connected to the network in homes, added to the implementation of teleworking that is being carried out as a result of the pandemic, it is convenient to follow all the advice so that the Wi-Fi connection is really efficient.

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