The back cover of vivo V23, which changes with the sunlight, unleashes the imagination of users

vivo has started the year with the updating of its range of ‘smartphones’ with the models V23 y V23 Pro, whose back cover is made of a material that allows temporary messages to be recorded with sunlight.

The V23 family was presented in China on January 5, with two models that rely on the MediaTek processor (Dimensity 920 in the standard model and Dimensity 1200 in the Pro), up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal capacity, with camera quadruple of 108 megapixels in the most advanced model and 4,300mAh battery.

Both representatives of the vivo V23 family employ at the rear fluorite Crystal, a material with properties of thermoluminescence and fluorescence, that is, reacts to both heat and ultraviolet light, which in the specific case of the two ‘smartphones’ means that it changes color when exposed to the sun.

Precisely these properties allow users of these ‘smartphone’ record ephemeral messages or drawings on the rear covers. With the help of templates or paper cutouts, just a few seconds of exposure to sunlight They allow you to personalize the mobile.

Users who have already been able to access these phones, mainly from the Chinese and Indian markets, have shared on social networks the resources they use and the designs they have devised to bring the vivo mobile to life.

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