Microsoft creates a safe browsing mode in Edge against vulnerabilities

Microsoft has developed a new mode that improve internet security using your Edge browser through an additional layer of security that avoid being impacted by zero-day vulnerabilities, unknown until now.

The American company has released the latest version beta 98.0.1108.23 of your Edge browser, in which the enhanced security mode or ‘Enhance Security Mode’ is one of its outstanding novelties, as reported by Microsoft in a statement.

This novelty puts security as the main objective in the Edge browser, in such a way that it allows company administrators set three different security group policies for all users, including Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

These policies can cause important pages or business applications continue to work as intended, thus avoiding the risks of attacks that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities based on historical trends.

Microsoft, which hopes that the new measure will become a “huge step forward” in terms of security, has explained that this mode enables hardware-based security as well as protection against arbitrary code and to preserve the flow of content.

The first of the three settings that administrators can configure is the standard mode, which does not use the protections of the advanced mode but the standard ones of Edge. Another option is the balanced modeintermediate between the two.

Users who want to make full use of enhanced security mode when users are on the web can choose the third setting, called strict mode o ‘Strict Mode’.

Among the security features, the latest Edge beta also adds an option to prevent unauthorized users from using passwords saved in the browser, so users will need to set a custom string first.

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