MADRID, 2 Jul. (Portaltic/EP) –

The video platform YouTube is currently testing a redesign of the video descriptions in its web version, in which the text is displayed more compactly and briefly and the main comment is more prominent.

The new redesigned look of YouTube descriptions has been noticed by the 9to5Google portal, it is displayed directly under the title of the videos on the platform, below the player, and is currently only available to a limited number of users.

YouTube has changed the look of play counter under the title, now displayed in bold, but the element that is modified the most is the description of the video.

Until now, the descriptions were included in an information box that occupied the entire width of the screen, but now is displayed behind the play counter and the date of publication, with a design more compact and showing less information. The full description can be accessed with the ‘Show more’ button.

Thanks to the more compact design of the descriptions, the YouTube website has switched to using the right half to show the most prominent comment of the video, while on the left it maintains the name and icon of the channel, and in the center the number of comments received.

Below everything, as was the case now, all the comments posted on the video are included in vertical order.

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