now instagramers will be able to charge their followers

Instagram will allow some content creators to charge subscriptions to their followers, making it easier for the most popular to tap into a way to earn money as the platform competes for digital celebrities.

Social media users whose posts attract large audiences and who help platforms like Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram generate revenue, so social media is vying to be their go-to venues.

“Subscriptions are for creators,” Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said in a video posted on Twitter.

“Creators do what they do for a living and it’s important that it be predictable,” he said.

A small number of Instagram content creators in the United States will be part of a subscription trial launching this week, Mosseri said.

Selected creators will be able to sell subscriptions for exclusive content, including live broadcasts (IG Live) and the popular Stories (Stories).

“Over time, we hope expand these features because it’s important that subscriptions are integrated into the entire Instagram experience,” Mosseri said.

Meta-owned Instagram believes creators should “own their relationship with subscribers,” so it’s also working on ways for them to bring their lists of paying fans to apps made by other companies, Mosseri added.

Remix re-release

On the other hand, the photo and video platform announced this Thursday the total renewal of its Remix function, similar to Duos on TikTok, in which a user can interact with content generated by another, whether they are not an influencer.

As reported by Instagram, users will now be able to remix all video content on Instagram, in addition to Reels, giving users new ways to showcase their creativity, collaborate with each other, and still have the ability to reach new audiences on the platform.

In the Remixes, users can interact with content generated by others, regardless of the type.

“Over the past few months, we’ve seen the Remix feature in Reels be enthusiastically received by the Instagram community, and we’re excited to extend this tool to other video formats on the platform, giving content creators another way to reimagine their content and collaborate with other creators,” they said in a statement.

As with Remix for Reels, users will have access to a variety of creative tools for remixing other videos, including Collaborations, Voiceover, Effects and Audio Tools.

Instagram's Remix feature is updated. Instagram’s Remix feature is updated.

This new feature is expected to help content creators reinvent and remix all your videos in a much more optimized, functional and fun way.

In addition, the creation of content in collaboration with other users will be an ideal option to reach new audiences and create new connections, making this tool the bridge for communities to continue growing.

How to Remix on Reels

1. I chose a public Instagram video.

2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner.

3. Select “Remix this video.”

4. Record your answer or load the camera gallery.

5. The remix of an Instagram video will be visible everywhere Reels are shared.

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