Windows 11 will allow you to force close applications without opening Task Manager

Microsoft has announced that it plans to integrate into Windows 11 a new feature that will allow users to force close applications without having to open the Task Manager, directly from the Taskbar.

Currently, when a program, application or Windows service does not respond to user commands, they are paralyzed, blocking the screen and preventing navigation in the interface and other system actions.

To solve this problem, users can either wait for the program in question to respond or use the Windows Task Manager, an application built into operating systems and processes running on the computer.

This -which is accessed with the commands ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ o ‘Ctrl+Alt+Supr’– shows information on the status of the programs that are running, such as the percentage of memory they occupy, as well as their performance or the users who have accessed them.

The technology company has shared details of the latest version of Windows 11 Dev Home, which introduces new features to improve workflows and which can be accessed from the Microsoft Store.

This update includes a new way to force close system applications without having to resort to the Task Manager, but can be done directly from the taskbar “with a simple right click”, as Microsoft has mentioned in a statement.

In this update, the company has advanced that it has added native support for file formats such as tar, 7-zip, rar, gz “and many others” using the libarchive open source project. And that introduces the possibility of hiding the date and time from the taskbar, so that the user can maintain concentration and can take screenshots without these elements appearing.

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