The entrepreneur and the billionaire Elon Musk Announced last night that the brain chip company he founded in 2016, Neuralink, will begin a series of clinical trials in humans, which he says will allow paralyzed people to walk again. This, after the implants have been successfully tested on animals. The company he founded in 2016, “will allow paralyzed people to use their cell phones with their brains, faster than those who use their thumbs,” he said.

The company, located in Silicon Valley, has already successfully implanted artificial intelligence chips in the brains of monkeys and pigs, and is now recruiting a clinical trial manager to run the technological tests on humans. The selected director will work closely with some of the leading physicians and engineers in the field, and with the first participants in the experiment. The job ad read: “The Director will lead and help build the responsible team, which will enable Neuralink’s clinical research activities, and the development of regulatory interactions that come with a rapid and evolving environment.”

Musk, whose fortune is estimated at $ 256 billion, said last month that he was optimistic that the implants would allow paralyzed people to walk again: “I think we have a good chance of restoring the body’s functionality to someone with spinal cord injury. The implants worked well in monkeys, and in fact we “We just do tests and confirm that they are safe and reliable, and the Neuralink device can be removed safely.” However, Musk has a long history of over-promising company, when in 2019 he predicted that the device would be implanted in a human skull by 2020.

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