Does your Netflix account really belong to you?  They may be selling it for two euros on the internet

At the beginning of this year, Netflix, one of the most popular streaming and entertainment platforms worldwide, announced the end of the star features of its service in Spain: shared accounts. A controversial action that led to a great exodus of users.

This situation has also become the perfect scenario for cybercriminals. In fact, as detailed from the Check Point cybersecurity company, the presence of numerous security businesses has already been detected. Selling Netflix Subscriptions on the Dark Web.

“Cybercriminals tend to take advantage of the needs and desires of users to focus their attacks, keeping up with all the trends,” explains Eusebio Nieva, Check Point’s technical director for Spain and Portugal.

Under the announcement of “total access effectiveness and legitimacy”, according to the researchers, some Telegram channels affiliated with these cybercriminal portals offer access to the platform’s monthly Premium plan service for as little as 190 Indian rupees, little more of 2 euros.

Obviously, the accounts distributed in these portals are usually related to other cybercrimes, mostly involving compromised or compromised account credentials. The keys may have been stolen by criminals thanks to malicious email or SMS campaigns in which they have managed to trick the unsuspecting user into sharing the access data.

In the end, that’s why criminals can offer access to Netflix for such a low price. Not having paid a euro to get the information, all they get from this campaign are benefits.

“As in other areas, we must bear in mind that if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t. One way to stop illegitimate sales on the Dark Web is to root out the demand and income for these services,” says Nieva.

How to protect your account

Although it may be ironic, now it is the users who must apply the criticized Netflix measures and limit shared access to their accounts, yes, in this case focused on those users with whom we do not want them to be shared. To avoid losing control of your accountIn addition, it is important that you be careful with the access codes. Not only should you not share it with anyone, but you should also create it with the goal of making it hard to crack.

The higher the complexity of a password, the more difficult it is to crack. It is advisable not to use personal data such as birthday dates, names of one’s own or relatives, or personal data; since just as it is simple for the user, it will also be simple for a cybercriminal. It should also not be reused on other platforms.

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