Microsoft will verify if a content has been generated by AI and will provide metadata about its origin

Microsoft has announced that in the coming months it will implement both Bing Image Creator as in the design tool Microsoft Designer a mark with which it will verify if a content has been generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and will add metadata about its origin.

The technology company has advanced this and other news for its services within the framework of Microsoft Build, the annual developer conference that focuses on detailing its latest “innovations and tools” to help people “be informed.”

The technological manufacturer is part of the Coalition for Provenance and Authenticity of Content (C2PA), a project of the Joint Development Foundation, launched in 2021 and Created to stop misinformation online and content fraud.

Together with the rest of the founding members -Adobe, Arm, BBC, Intel and Truepic-, Microsoft seeks to establish a standardized solution for the provenance of works, with the aim of combat misleading content in your services.

Specifically, the member organizations of this coalition work together to develop content provenance specifications. In this way, they allow publishers, creators and consumers to “trace the origin and evolution of a piece of media, including images, videos, audio and documents,” according to their presentation statement.

Actually, C2PA was created to build trust in online content and guarantee creators that their works are protected, something that worries a good part of these users, especially as a result of the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Microsoft’s latest steps around this technology have to do with Bing Image Creator, an image creator based on the Dall-E model, which at the end of March was incorporated into the renewed browser of the technology firm, Edge, and its search engine. , bing.

“By typing a description of an image, providing additional context such as location or activity, and choosing an art style, Image Creator will generate an image from your own imagination” They then explained from Microsoft.

The company has insisted that it remains committed to developing “responsible and safe” AI technologies, while sharing its own learnings and creating new tools” to help developers implement responsible AI practices.

One of these tools seeks to inform users whether or not an image or video has been generated with generative AI and will be present in both the Microsoft Designer design tool and Bing Image Creator “in the coming months.”

It is a solution that uses cryptographic methods to mark and sign AI-generated content based on the C2PA standard and with metadata about its origin. The Adobe Firefly AI image generator already has a similar feature called Content Credentials.

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