With the help of artificial intelligence: an Israeli startup will make a revolution in the field of fashion

The corona, closures and movement restrictions (local and international) imposed around the world have forced many areas to adapt to the new reality. One of the areas affected by the virus is the area of ​​online shopping.

Despite the changes it has undergone, and the leap recorded in consumer numbers around the world, there are still some unresolved issues. One of them is the very fact that customers can not really see what the garment will look like on their body – unless they have the same body proportions as those of the models that appear on the site. This is a problem that can be significant for some consumers, and affect whether they even buy clothes online, or give it up.

An Israeli startup called STYLETECH, founded during the days of the Corona, is on its way to revolutionizing the fashion world – and resolving this issue. “The idea arose out of a need in the fashion world, which is actually advancing very slowly technologically,” said Goni Gruper, the company’s founder. .

She explained: “Our technology is based on artificial intelligence, and it allows sellers to adapt the figure that appears on the site to their target audience, so that everyone who enters the site can see a figure with their body dimensions. In fact, we invented a method to map the human body. That we produce from scratch will be imperfect. ”

“This allows stores to design the characters and dress them according to their needs and target audience,” she added, “We strive to change the worlds of fashion and e-commerce, and the way different products are sold online. Our goal is basically to allow customers to identify with the products.”

Gruper spoke about the background for founding the company: “I worked in the fashion worlds for 15 years, studied for a degree in Milan and specialized around the world. In recent years I worked in several clothing stores in the country and created the visuals “Among other things, photo days and I thought what would happen if it were possible to create these campaigns without photographing several models wearing the same item of clothing.”

Next, she referred to how the Corona gave a certain “push” to changes in fashion: “For years I have been trying to think how to streamline the field – because I experienced these things in the flesh. At the beginning of working on the venture I was pregnant with my daughter, and told my partner “I have twins – the girl and the project. When I gave birth to her, we published – it was funny and special.”

“You could say the corona gave the whole field the big boost it needed,” she noted. The company’s founder noted that “nowadays in photography days, accessories, such as clips, are often used to fasten the garment to the models’ bodies – so that it is not possible to really know what the true shape of the product is.”

In fact, one of the unresolved issues is the very return of an unsuitable item
“Exactly. Our goal is to get every customer who enters the site to see what the item looks like on a model in his body size, so it’s actually easier for him to buy, and he will not have to return so many things to stores. Websites will know what your body measurements are and they will know “Show you what the item of clothing will look like on you, which will allow you to actually see the exact shape and type of fabric.”

Could it be that in the future there will be no need for models?
“No, because our development will actually allow them to focus on campaigns and not mess with blockbooks (an online catalog), a technical thing that most of them do not like to do. We will free up companies’ time and budget to create original and more successful catalogs and campaigns. “So it will change the fashion world in every way.”

At the end of the call, Grupper explained: “In the future, you will be able to go to a particular site and see only models of your size, without having to type in the details. It’s time for a technological breakthrough in this industry – something so requested.”

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