Twitter Flock will limit the visibility of tweets to a group of contacts made by the user

Twitter works in various functions so that users can control the visibility of ‘tweets’ that publish, as with Flock, a list to create a group of trusted contacts.

Flock is one of the novelties on which the platform is working. This is a list to which the user can add up to 150 people to create a group with share content privately.

As the expert in reverse engineering has warned Alessandro Paluzzi, this function – continuation of the ‘close friends’, announced in July of last year – will have an introductory page to explain its operation.

The instructions indicate that only contacts who have been included in the list will be able to view and comment on shared content by the user. In fact, in the timeline, the restricted ‘tweet’ will display a notification, that will inform the members of this fact, staying out of sight of the rest.

Flock’s list, moreover, can be updated at any time. The user can add or delete its members, and in the latter case, those who leave will not be notified of this fact.

Along with ‘Close Friends’, Twitter also unveiled Facets, another feature that people can distinguish ‘tweets’ according to context, either with friends and family, either at work or in public. The idea is that they can follow an entire account or just the ‘facet’ of the user they are interested in.

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