The United States is celebrating today (Sunday) its 245th Independence Day, but for many American companies, the festive weekend ended in a jarring tone as they became the target of cyber attacks by the group of hackers operating from Russia REvil. The ransomware attacks carried out by the group were intended to spend money for the release of the companies’ data, and according to an Israeli cyber security expert, they could even be “Larger than the previous hack for SolarWinds“Through which the hacker group broke into Microsoft servers last December.

According to the expert, Danny Ben-Ari, who spoke to the Jerusalem Post, the current attack went under the media radar due to the holiday in the US, but set a “new standard for cyber attacks.” The focus of the attack this time was Kaseya, which provides technological tools to “The viral distribution of the attack will be massive, so far about 1,000 companies are known to have been affected by the attack,” Ben-Ari added.

Ben-Ari claimed that in the current attack, the hacker group did not publish data or reveal government secrets unlike in the past, but demanded that some companies pay it about $ 50,000 for each employee in the company, in order to free up its servers. In principle, the U.S. government instructs companies not to pay the ransom, but many times companies prefer to pay the amount rather than risk losing information.

“The REvil group is interested in raising money, similar to other Russian ransom groups,” said Ben-Ari, who also noted that the cyber world believes the group is funded by the Russian government, although such a link has never been proven. “It is no coincidence that the attack took place last weekend, just before the 4th of July, when most of the victims were no longer present in their offices and some could not find out about the break-in until next Tuesday. .

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