The largest, fastest and most advanced in the world: Meta introduced the supercomputer

Meta unveiled  its supercomputer – the SuperCluster (RSC). It is the largest, fastest and most advanced computer in the world it has built, which will be able to run calculations on an unprecedented scale, process trillions of parameters in a matter of seconds, and train models of artificial intelligence on an unprecedented scale in the industry.

The computer, which began construction in 2020 and will be completed during the year, will be able to run quintillion (18 zeros) tasks, train artificial intelligence in unprecedented amounts of data, and form the basis for computer vision systems, natural language processing and speech recognition that will serve a wide range of uses. Possible uses: Simultaneous real-time translation of large groups of people in hundreds of different languages ​​or development of the next generation of AR experiences, which will lead to technological breakthroughs in many fields, from scientific research to gaming.

Meta’s supercomputer development paves the way for technology building for MetaVers – the next big computing platform, in which artificial intelligence-driven applications and products will play a significant role, the company stressed. The Metavers vision will be based on advanced systems of artificial intelligence, which the entire industry will need to develop from the ground up. The SuperCluster is the first project of its kind in the world, which has not been tested in the industry so far due to its technological complexity, and work on it began a year and a half ago by teams working remotely due to the Corona epidemic.

Upon completion of its construction during the year, the supercomputer will allow the company’s AI researchers to build improved and more accurate models that know how to process information from trillions of examples, operate in hundreds of languages, analyze text, video and images at once, develop new augmented reality (AR) tools, and more. It will also allow Meta to develop sophisticated artificial intelligence models for existing services and also build entirely new user experiences for the Metavers.

Meta’s artificial intelligence teams have already begun training huge models for research purposes on the supercomputer, and they continue to invest in the development of the field of self-supervised learning, with the aim of advancing the entire artificial intelligence industry.

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