Mani Barzilai from the Cyber ​​Center at Tel Aviv University told today (Sunday) on the program “Where is the money” with Anat Davidov on 103FM radio about the huge cyber attack that hit at least 200 companies in the world, most in the US, apparently by a Russian hacker group called REvil: ” This is one of the biggest events of its kind, arriving just in time for July 4th, American Independence Day. “It’s a huge supply chain attack – it means one company is being attacked, and that’s affecting a lot of companies.”

Barzilai added that “currently the number stands at 200 companies that have been attacked, but it is estimated that the number will increase. In this type of attack, hackers find a way to take over a company that has many customers. In this case, the hackers took over a company called Cassia located in Miami. “Computing from other companies. They have about 40,000 customers worldwide, but not everyone uses the affected product.”

Barzilai added that “the hackers took over the company, and through it installed in a product that some customers have, something that allowed them to access the computers of those companies remotely. Most of the company’s customers are in the US, but most companies attacked have not yet released publicity. If there are Israeli companies, we will find out about it only later. “

About the Russian hacker group REvil said: “It seems to be the Russian group, although the reports are not unequivocal. This group is one of the most famous hacker groups in the world, it is behind famous ransomware attacks, and has made hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from ransomware attacks in the past.”

Barzilai referred to the risks that exist for Israeli companies when it comes to cyber attacks: “The more the world depends on technology, the more exposed we become. The more connected we become, the more attack in one place can affect other companies. The statistics of attacks in Israel are complex and dependent. “In what we define as a cyber attack. Simple scans can be considered an attack and then in Israel we probably have billions of attack attempts a day, while more sophisticated attack attempts there are, apparently, hundreds a day in Israel. It is at the level of guesswork.”

“We are lucky enough to live in a country that has managed to do something extraordinary in the field of cyber,” Barzilai said, adding that “from all countries of the world come here to understand how we do what we do. National Cyber ​​Week is one of the most important events outside the US. Cyber, and many of the advanced solutions in the field of cyber came from Israel. That is true national pride. “

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