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HP today unveiled new monitor models for flexible learning and hybrid work environments, including the new fourth generation HP E24mv, the first model certified by the Zoom video conferencing app, with built-in camera.

More than 70 percent of people value others based on the quality of audio and video during video calls, according to a February study by HP, and that is why the brand has introduced a new monitor specifically for this task.

The conference monitor HP E24mv 4th generation FHD is the world’s first certified for Zoom, with technologies adapted to this application and a 5 MP camera on top which allows video chatting.

In addition, this monitor has a independent camera tilt option It provides better facial focus, while the improved sensors capture more color and light. To this are added the Integrated speakers and dual microphones, conference buttons for video call control, and always-on HP Eye Ease blue light technology.

HP E24mv 4th Generation Conference Monitor Expected to Be Available in Spain in September at a price of 239 euros.

Likewise, the American company has announced the launch in Spain of the new monitor HP M27fd USB-C, the first from the brand with Works With Chromebook certification from Google that connects to a Chromebook computer right out of the box.

This monitor works with any USB-C capable laptop to connect and charge the PC in a single cable configuration. It also features HP Eye Ease technology and certified Eyesafe that reduces blue light without affecting the colors shown. It is sustainably manufactured with recycled materials and 100% recyclable packaging.

El monitor HP M27fd USB-C will arrive in Spain in November at a recommended price starting from 299,99 euros.

With the effects of the pandemic, “monitors have become fundamental pieces for workers and students who are connected online during their work days and studies in hybrid environments,” said Pablo Ugarte, general director of personal systems at HP in a company statement.

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