The Nano Museum, which will open this week at Bar Ilan University, offers a new and first-of-its-kind museum experience in Israel. The museum is spread over the seven floors of the Institute of Nanotechnology at the university, and offers a glimpse into the world of art and science – a world of collaborations between different fields of science, and between artists and scientists.

The exhibitions on display at the museum are the result of long and joint work between contemporary artists and researchers from various fields, including: biology, physics, chemistry, engineering and computer science. Visitors to the museum are exposed to a living and pulsating study that takes place in the institute’s dozens of laboratories, where as part of the museum’s establishment, young and veteran artists joined researchers and scientists from the Institute of Nanotechnology, to embark on ideological journeys of discovery, creating works of art. .

As mentioned, nanomaterials are scientifically and technologically fascinating structures, opening a window into the wonderland of the invisible, with the museum’s vision being to allow researchers and artists to discuss together research on the nano world and its far-reaching implications for reality. Here, the smallest particle has implications for the world of culture, art and science, through the museum a new and unique opportunity is created to be exposed to the mutual influences between the worlds.

Nano Museum (Photo: Michael Amar)

Prof. Dror Pixler, Head of the Institute of Nanotechnology at Bar Ilan University, said: “After years of thinking, experimenting and wondering, today we are privileged to open this special museum within the walls of our institute. “To open our gates to every lover of knowledge and art and to connect the worlds of creation that are not without each other.

Tal Yizrael, the museum’s curator, added that “we have embarked on a journey to distant worlds conceptually and technically, and yet very close to our very being. It is a window into the wonderland of the invisible. New. “

Nano Museum’s Opening Exhibition: “New Languages”

In the exhibition “New Languages” which opens the first phase of the museum, Presents the collaborative processes conducted in teams that included an artist and researchers over several years, in which the teams developed works of art that are also the result of joint research, works that have new insights into the nature of the material and the nature of scientific and artistic research. Some works have even been published in scientific journals as innovative and groundbreaking discoveries.

Among the works can be found a work by the artist Mahmoud Keys that links the Muslim arabesque motif to the nanometer materials created by Prof. Adi Solomon in her laboratory, a work by sound artist Elad Schneiderman and Prof. Moti Friedman who studied violin players and discovered a new scientific discovery 150,000 rubber bands next to each other following the neurons researched by Prof. Orit Shefi, the artist Caroline Maxwell who painted using Dead Sea water that crystallized and changed in nanometric processes over several years and was a starting point for new scientific research.

Nano Museum (Photo: Michael Amar)Nano Museum (Photo: Michael Amar)

Additional works: Eili Levy who used water-repellent materials produced in the laboratory to describe the ongoing life journey, the Danish sculptor Israel and physicist Prof. Emanuel de la Torre who created a work that examines scientific worldviews versus spiritual and religious perceptions, and more.

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