The Central Bureau of Statistics published today (Tuesday) a collection of data from the annual social survey on the use of the Internet. The data show that 90% of Israelis use the Internet.

The data also show that those with an academic education use the Internet more than those without an academic education. 86% use the Internet via mobile phone, 90% aged 44-20 compared to 48% aged 75 and over.

The most common uses are for social networking and discussion groups (including WhatsApp), information retrieval and e-mail. Jews use more Arabs for e-mail, shopping, phone or video calls, and to obtain government services. The rate of Internet users among Jews varies according to the level of religiosity: 96% of the secular, 91% of the religious and traditional, compared with 64% of the ultra-Orthodox.

An unsurprising statistic that emerges from the survey is that Internet use increases over time: a decade ago (2010) 68% used the Internet, in 2015 – 77%, in 2019 – 87% and in 2020 – 90%.

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