“The sky is not the limit”: Meet the Israeli Intelligence Division’s satellite center

Israeli Space Week provides an opportunity to engage with the dimension farthest from Earth, but others feel a little closer to it. A small and technological team of men and women soldiers remotely operate one of the most expensive and advanced spy vehicles in the IDF – which is located about 500 km outside the Earth.

The Commander of the Satellite and Space Center in Unit 9900 of the Intelligence Division, Lt. Col. S.: “This week we mark Israeli Space Week – a week that allows us to emphasize once again Israel’s remarkable achievements in space, and the importance of space for state security. As commander of the Satellite and Space Center in Unit 9900 of the Security Service, my role is to maintain the superiority of the State of Israel in space and to provide up-to-date and relevant intelligence wherever it is required. ”

“Israel is part of an exclusive club of a limited number of countries with independent and advanced space capabilities. The capabilities we operate and develop allow us to be the eyes of the country, anywhere in the Middle East and beyond, whenever needed. Following technological developments in recent years The satellites are currently used for more tactical purposes, and take a significant part in a variety of events throughout the IDF’s combat arena, in routine, emergency and BAMB, “he added.

Commander of the Satellite and Space Center in Unit 9900 of the Intelligence Division, Lt. Col. S. (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

He added: “Unit 9900, of which I am proud to be a part, serves as the national agency for operating capabilities in space, is responsible for developing the satellite ground station, developing new space capabilities in the IDF and providing quality intelligence from space 24/7 for a variety of IDF and state security needs. Israel”.

“The field of space is a different and fascinating field, which requires extensive professional knowledge in a variety of content worlds, advanced engineering capabilities and demonstration of creative thinking and formulating innovative solutions to a variety of challenges. We meet the task thanks to an excellent team “In the IDF and in Israel,” he continued.

“In recent years, we have developed into new areas, advancing solutions based on ‘new space’ technologies and arrays of small satellites with advanced and innovative capabilities. Concluded..

The unit’s satellite operator, Lt. Col. M., added: “Finally, our soldiers, soldiers aged 18-21, are entrusted with the IDF’s most important strategic intelligence tools. “Every day I call a satellite hundreds of kilometers away and get an up-to-date picture of the Middle East in a short time.”

Lt. Col. N. said that “working at the Satellite and Space Center proved to me that the sky is really not the limit. I wake up every day with a great sense of mission to my country and to the unit. ‘

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