U.S. media reported that the former United States president Donald Trump Intends to file a class action lawsuit against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Following the blockades imposed on his accounts and not yet released. According to the report, Trump is expected to announce this at a press conference to be held today (Wednesday).

According to the report, class action lawsuits will allow Trump to sue the two CEOs of the technology giant on behalf of a wider group of people, whose content he claims was censored because of biased policies. It should be noted that to date Trump and other conservative critics Against people with conservative political views.

As you may recall, after the riots on Capitol Hill in January, Facebook and Twitter blocked Trump’s accounts. The former president and his supporters have been harshly critical of this while tech giants have claimed in response that the move came for safety reasons following the siege on the Capitol. Last month, Facebook announced that Trump’s account would remain suspended for about two years and that activity in it would resume only if “the risk to public safety is reduced.”

Even during his tenure, Trump waged a struggle on social media and technology companies. In 2020, he signed an executive order designed to limit the legal protections enjoyed by social media companies that remove from them the responsibility for the content that users advertise on their platforms. President Biden revoked that order in May.

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