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The water resistance certification of a phone is an aspect that can be compromised by the passage of time and wear and tear, but a new application for Android available on Google Play, Water Resistance Tester, analyzes the device to see if the protection is still intact.

The Android mobile app, created by independent developer Ray W, use the barometer, a sensor available on various phone models, to detect if device isolation is still working.

Water Resistance Tester, as explained on the application page, can be used to determine if the device is still sealed through two of the most demanding dust and water resistance certifications, IP67 and IP68.

However, even if the phone has this factory certification, the insulation may be affected by falls and natural degradation of a device with age, which can compromise you if exposed to water.

This degradation can be noticed through mobile phones with barometer, a sensor to measure pressure. The app cannot be used or installed on devices that do not contain this internal component.

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