Today is a special day for me. A day I’ve been waiting for quite some time. The truth? I knew he would come and now that he’s here running before my eyes memories of all this crazy process. From the moment I arrived at Maariv’s system, through the achievement of the Blue Hoy to stand, with quite a few wars on the way, to this very moment, which is accompanied by a sense of pride and insane excitement.

“Dye! Are you TMI’s Instush Manager? I’m following closely! Dead on this page!”
Three years ago, when I came to Maariv, I do not know how much they knew TMI, I myself did not know. But I knew Instagram, I knew it well and I was pretty determined. And yet, accepting such a big responsibility when you are only 21 is not a trivial matter. I believed in myself and believed in the brand I wanted so much to promote.

It all started with 3,000 followers and a page I saw that has the potential to succeed if only we leverage it right. So how do you even promote an Instagram page whose ultimate goal is to promote a gossip site, that is, to expose people to articles, when it is impossible to put a link to a story with less than 10,000 followers? And believe me, the road to ten thousand followers in the first month of work would have seemed long. But I believed, I was confident in what I was doing and I knew that with hard work I would succeed. and so it was. I did that and two months after I started running the page we reached 10,000 followers, no less and no more. And since then we have worked according to a method of goals. From 10 jumps to 20 to 30 and so on.

The world of media is portrayed as glamorous, and sometimes it is. Quite a few times I got to go to waterings, to be in touch with all who and who of the industry and to feel that at the age of 24 I am completely on the roof of the world. But as with any good thing there are also darker sides, and as this world glitters at times it is not simple and requires the skin of an elephant. In the end, there is more like us in the market and we still have to fight and prove our uniqueness and difference from the rest, which is not easy.

There are many surprising moments in the world of entertainment, and I got to experience quite a few of them. From being rehearsed by one of the greatest singers in the industry to the moment I found myself without a phone at an event where I let one of the stars do a total story stand and since then she has disappeared and with her my phone. It even happened to me that a well-known model was enthusiastic about the way I photographed her and took advantage of the moment to get me to take another 100 pictures of her for her .. and when I think about it it happened a lot more than once. And it’s always funny to me. I remember one time in particular, when TMI first revealed one of the hottest relationships in the swamp, I got into a particularly heated conversation with a familiar star. I had to calm the spirits, after she denied, emphatically claimed it was a lie, and begged us to cancel the publication even though she had not yet read the article. Of course we were right then, and to this day the same couple are still together (our hundred thousand followers will testify that we always tell the truth, and only her).

In the beginning everything was cool and went “by the book” until I got to the point where I felt like we were stuck. That something needs to be cracked anew. The numbers and followers that came up so nicely stopped and things moved slowly. Anyone who runs an Instagram page and promotes it only organically can tell you that it happens. I found myself sitting and thinking along with the site staff how to crack this barrier and make numbers go up again, at the same rate. It was not easy, not at all, and for periods even frustrating, but with a lot of patience we managed on our way to lift back the page and rediscover more audience and as much as possible. So if you do Instagram or at least aspire to succeed in the field remember that patience is part of the way and it should be taken into account.

After a year and a bit of TMI page management, Sport1, Maariv and Style, a sea of ​​fun and a lot but a lot of hard work I started my degree. A sort of turning point that I thought would turn all the cards for me. I chose a degree that was not simple and very intense, so I was afraid that I would not be able to combine everything together. I was not able to hurt the amazing product and results that the Instagram page yields and yet in studies so I promised myself that as soon as I felt one of the two would hurt – I was out, but not before I tried.

Then I realized that once I do what I love there is nothing that can stop me. At the same time as studying for a degree in psychology, I was able to operate (with a little help) the pages, and make sure that everything was in constant control.

I love what I do, I really love it and as part of it I believe that every person who is in the right place for him must succeed, whether it is time or patience – when you feel in the right place for you the sky is the limit and I have no doubt about it. Running Instagram pages of a news site requires availability around the clock, which not all people can commit to, well, especially when you do a bachelor’s degree in psychology and around work and study, how not – personal life also comes into play. But bottom line, anything is possible. And when I say everything I mean it.

We entered the year of Corona, and how do you say? Trouble comes in bundles. I went through a year that is hard to describe in words. After a huge loss and a big hole in the heart it is hard to look ahead and understand how to proceed. But it happens. And especially in difficult moments, those who are connected to themselves know that engaging in things we love, in things that empower us and routine in itself is what we need, because life is stronger than anything and it slips away from us even before we have time to process or even digest what is happening.

One hundred thousand followers on TMI’s Instagram page. Among them are famous people, colleagues from the industry, children and youth … of all shades and all types. Hundred thousand! It’s a piece of number .. which at first seemed almost impossible to reach. But we did it. I did it and with everything I went through along the way, I did it all by myself and proudly.

My message to you first of all is to never give up, certainly not before you have tried. Over the course of three years I have experienced quite a few peaceful successes in a lot of painful falls, whether in my personal life or in the profession itself. Despite everything I did not give up and will not give up. The brand that was not valued enough at first today is a force in my eyes, recognizable and everyone knows its value. One more thing, do what you love. Always be in a place where you feel comfortable because this is the number one rule for success. Believe in yourself and your purpose. I know from experience that true faith carries with it the desired results. And come on, you have no choice but to believe whoever managed to lead a page with 3,000 followers per 100,000 with hard work, effort and a sea, but a sea of ​​faith. So come on see you in the million and if you are not following TMI then it’s time!

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