MADRID, 9 Jul. (Portaltic/EP) –

The video calling app Google Meet ha incorporated in its version for iOS and Android mobiles the new filter function, which allows users to choose between different skins and customization options during video calls.

Google Meet filters allow users to transform their face into that of an animal, such as a animated cat, frog, robot, fish or dinosaur, or also become astronauts, as Google has announced through its official Twitter account.

To activate these customization options, users who are making a video call have to press on the glitter icon in the lower right on the screen, and then click the new ‘filters’ section and choose one from the list.

Filters also generate different effects in the user’s environment, and add elements to the video of the call, such as one that locates the user under the sea surrounded by bubbles and jellyfish that swim around you.

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