The Israel Postal Company has recently launched an advanced automatic sorting machine made by the German automation giant Interol, which can sort up to 6,000 items per hour.

The Israel Post stated that this is a move that will significantly improve the process of sorting the packages, many of which are currently performed manually, and will make it possible to further deliver to customers. The system, which cost several million shekels, automatically sorts packages of different sizes and weights into a large number of destinations at the same time. The system was purchased, installed and implemented by Comtrans Tech of the Buchwalter Group.

Haim Mazaki, Vice President of the Supply Chain Division at Israel Post, stated that “the introduction of the new sorting machine will help shorten processes and significantly improve the sorting times of packages and time frames, from the moment of landing in Israel until delivery to the recipient. As part of the technological improvements that the company is making to streamline and improve the service, this automatic system has also been implemented, which will allow the sorting speed to be increased, while saving many operating costs in the trade center, including manpower. The Israel Post’s e-commerce center is able to sort up to 100 million packages a year, and as part of the preparations for the shopping holidays in the last quarter of this year, this system has already been introduced. “

Mazaki also noted that the Israel Postal Company has recently launched a new tender for the purchase of a new sorting system, which will include additional sorting machines and a sticker system, to automate the entire import system and to further streamline the processes. “We are constantly exploring ways to better respond to changing market needs, along with preparing for future challenges, and working to adapt the company’s activities and infrastructure to the Israeli consumer, in line with the development of the global e-commerce market.”

Israel Post is a significant player in the online commerce market, with the largest retail network in Israel. In 2020, the company delivered about 50 million packages ordered from abroad in Israel. Within four years, the delivery system, which currently stands at about 1,300 points throughout the country, was expanded, in small businesses and chains such as Azrieli Malls, Victory, Rami Levy Yinot Bitan, Tzomet Sefarim, King Store, Big Shop and more.

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