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WhatsApp works on an appeal system that will allow the user request a review of your account suspension from the application itself, a situation that can occur when automatic systems detect activity contrary to the terms of service.

The technology company employs automatic systems to detect activity that does not comply with the terms of use of the service, and in this case, it proceeds to the suspension of the user’s account. It happens, however, that these systems are not always right and can end up suspending accounts by mistake.

In order to improve this process, WhatsApp works on a system that allows the user to request a review in case their account has been suspended, as the WaBetaInfo portal has discovered in the update of the application’s beta version for iOS.

This system initiates a review by the WhatsApp support team, which issues a decision within 24 hours, during which time the chats are maintained. If after the review it is detected that the account was suspended “accidentally”, the company restores it automatically and the user can check it again.

In case illegal activity is detected, it will confirm the suspension, which means that the user will no longer be able to access their account and, if they want to continue using WhatsApp, they will have to create a new one with a different phone number.

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