1more’s ComfoBuds Pro headphones allow you to listen to the environment without removing them, and are quite impressive in the active noise cancellation segment.

Like many wireless headphones today, the music stops as soon as you take them out of the ear. The active noise cancellation of the headphones is available in three different strength levels, along with the option to turn off the mode, as well as a mode that allows you to hear the environment even when the headphones are in the ears.

Noise cancellation is quite successful, and switching between modes is possible by touching the touch keys of the headphones or through the app. They are quite successful for making phone calls, with the other side noting that the audio quality was good.

In terms of ease of use: These are True Wireless headphones, which are a bit reminiscent of Apple’s Airpods and are available in black and white. The charging case is relatively small, and the headphones enter it crosswise, facing down – so that with the right hand you take out the left earphone, and vice versa. Personally I would consider changing the shape of the charging case so that they will fit more easily into the pull-out.

The headphones are equipped with touch pads on their foot, although I personally preferred to use the app to tinker with the various settings. The battery life is about eight hours of listening in full charge, and up to 28 hours of listening through the charging case. Also, the IPX4 waterproof headphones.

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