The venture Biotype of Yifat Hamer He is the winner of a competition final Women of AgriFood Nation, The women’s entrepreneurial competition in the field of agrifod, which was held for the second year. The aim of the competition is to increase exposure to technological ventures in the field of food and agriculture led by women, and to promote investment in these ventures. The award for the winner was given by Ohad Zuckerman, managing partner of the fund COPY, And Carmit Oron, CEO ACT And co-entrepreneur of the competition.

As part of the Biotipac project, technology has been developed to extend the shelf life of consumer products and agricultural products. The technology encourages the growth of good bacteria that grow at the expense of harmful bacteria, just like in probiotics. Instead of killing harmful bacteria, Biotifek provides a food substrate for good bacteria that are naturally present in the product or in the packaging space. These bacteria spread “at the expense” of food spoilers. The uniqueness of the product is that it does not need to add the live bacteria, but causes them to grow naturally.

“This revolutionary technology will bring a new line to the world of agripod in the entire value chain. It naturally extends shelf life, while reducing chemical dependence. The supply, “the organizers said. The winner receives a $ 200,000 investment from the COPIA Fund.

Carmit Oron, CEO of ACT FOODTECH, an innovation center focusing on the business growth of startups changing the world of food, and a joint venture of the competition: By women. “

Ohad Zuckerman, As a managing partner in the COPIA Agriculture and Food Technologies Fund, which is a partner in initiating the competition, added: Close to zero. ”

Out of all those who entered the competition, five more projects qualified for the finals: Maolac Of the entrepreneur Maya Ashkenazi-Outmazgin – develops proteins inspired by breast milk to contribute to immune protection and improvement in longevity and lifestyle; Incredibowl Of the entrepreneur Adi Polak – Produces edible chaser bowls and glasses that are made from traditional organic raw materials and preserve the environment; Egg־Yo Of the entrepreneur Yosefa Ben Cohen – artificial eye eggs from the plant, which perfectly mimic the texture, taste and nutritional values ​​of a chicken egg; Stop Of the entrepreneur andAleria Cogan – technology for accurate monitoring of plants, which aims to reduce the amount of waste in the food we eat; and-BugEra Of the entrepreneur Anna Malkov – Development of a new and unique breed of flies, which can help in the recycling of organic manure.

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