“We have built an underground data center for the Oracle cloud, which is unique in the world in terms of technology, with unique security features that have no equal,” said Oracle Global CEO Safra Katz, who visited Israel – her first trip outside the US since the Corona.

“Since we were one of the last players to join the cloud arena, we had a golden opportunity to build the 2nd generation cloud,” Katz said. “We asked some of the people who were most involved in building the first generation of the cloud about 15 years ago one question: If you had the option of unlimited investment, if you knew what you know today, and you did not have to compromise on security in any way, what would you build? ? “.

“What we have built based on their lessons, is a cloud that can run critical workloads, very many, at tremendous speed,” she added, “a cloud built to meet the most stringent security requirements. We love Israel and know it needs an Israeli cloud area, where the data will remain. Under Israeli sovereignty. “

This week, Katz visited the data center that Oracle is establishing in Jerusalem, together with Alon Ben-Zur, CEO of Bynet, who is setting up the server farm for Oracle. She said: It is stunning and impressive to descend nine stories underground, to a cloud that is resistant to any weapon, and also resistant to missile attacks. This is part of what reflects the thinking form of Generation 2 cloud. Generation 1 clouds were in the building. Generation 2, underground, that’s our approach. We looked at the 1st generation cloud and thought: how would they put the important workloads in the world in a place like this? It is thought that in Israel the data can be put above ground. Even with backup. How can we endanger the most important, most private, most secret, most critical information for the economy or health of the people of Israel above ground? It just doesn’t make sense. “

Katz noted that the current director of Oracle Israel, Eran Feigenbaum, who is vice president of the company, previously served as the chief security officer of the global Oracle cloud. According to Feigenbaum: “We work with an approach that serves the largest and most sensitive organizations in the world, of complete separation between customer and customer, and the customer and the cloud provider – things that were not in the 1st generation cloud.

Feigenbaum noted that one of the eight largest U.S. federal agencies uses Oracle to provide critical government services, as do all four U.S. military and security forces and 36 U.S. states. “ZOOM uses the Oracle cloud due to its speed and level of security, the US Department of Defense, the UK Department of Defense and other government bodies in many countries use it.”

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