MADRID, 16 Jul. (Portaltic/EP) –

Facebook has announced that it will extend its payment system, until now only available within your applications and services, to the companies, that may incorporate it as a payment platform on their web pages.

Facebook Pay is the payment system that users can use to make transactions, payments or donations through Facebook ‘apps’ and services. It requires having a bank card registered, whose data, as well as those of the payments, are encrypted, as the company assures in a statement.

Now, “for the first time” will be available outside of your services, when from august they can start using it companies as a payment platform. First in the United States and with Shopify merchants, although from Facebook he hopes to continue extending it.

Facebook details that bank details will not be used to personalize the experience or ads they see, and their activity, such as payments or purchases they make, will also not be shared on their profile, unless they do want to.

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