Presidential confrontation: US President Joe Biden attacked Facebook over the weekend. He claimed during a conversation with reporters that took place on White House lawns that social networks are “killing people” by allowing incorrect information about the vaccines to be published on their platforms. “I really mean it, look, the current rise in morbidity is among those who are not vaccinated – so social media is killing people.”

The president’s remarks join those said last week by White House spokeswoman Jen Saki during a media briefing. She noted at the time that the administration “marks problematic posts on Facebook that disseminate incorrect information about the vaccine, including allegations that the vaccine causes infertility.” She went on to comment on Facebook, and other social networks, to address the issue in various ways, including sharing data related to the impact of publishing disinformation on platforms. She added that social networks should use their algorithms to disseminate accurate information, and act more quickly against harmful posts.

Facebook responded to the president a few hours later, through a post on the official blog written by Guy Rosen, the senior Israeli on Facebook, who is responsible, among other things, for eradicating the Pike News and hate speech on the social network. He presented data indicating a 50 percent drop in concerns the Americans presented about the vaccines, and that 85 percent indicated they had been vaccinated, or would like to be vaccinated against, Corona. “These facts and other figures present a different story than the one presented by the administration in recent days,” he wrote, recalling Biden’s goal – to vaccinate about 70 percent of Americans by July 4. He claimed that Facebook “is not the reason the goal was not achieved in the end. Of a thing. ”

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