50 years ago, it was planned to connect a credit card-like card to the phone. In this way, bills could be paid over the phone in the future.

In September 1973: Visual telephones are coming to Finland more slowly than was thought just a couple of years ago, thinks the CEO of Puhelinlaitoten liitto ry, dipl ins L P J Toivonen.

The reasons for the slow penetration of visual telephones are the high cost of the necessary lines and the low need for visual telephones.

Keypad phones, on the other hand, are becoming more common at a good pace. Future plans include other functions that can be connected to the touch-tone phone, for example a card similar to a credit card, which, when inserted into the phone, pays the bills over the phone.

Such reforms require the conversion of centers to computer control. According to the association of telephone companies, healthy competition should be maintained in the computerization of call centers, one specific manufacturer cannot be preferred, so that the prices do not become arbitrary.

The least popular of the Helsinki Telephone Association’s service numbers are currently English-language news and Päivän Sana. English news, however, also receives 400 calls per day.

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