Barry, the skeleton of a Jurassic dinosaur with 150 million years of history, is auctioned

And Dinosaur skeleton unusually well preserved, a Camptosaurus known as Barry dating back to the late Jurassic period, about 150 million years ago, will be auctioned in Paris next month, Reuters reports.

The dinosaur, discovered in the 90s in the US state of Wyoming, it was initially restored in 2000 by paleontologist Barry James, after whom it is named.

Italian laboratory Zoic, which acquired Barry last year, has carried out further restoration work on the skeleton, which measures 2.10 meters (6.9 feet) tall and 5 metros (16,4 pies) long.

“It is an extremely well-preserved example, which is quite rare,” said Alexandre Giquello of the Parisian auction house Hotel Drouot, where the sale will take place.

«To take the example of his skull, the skull is 90% complete and the rest of the dinosaur (skeleton) is 80% complete,” he said.

Dinosaur specimens on the art market remain rare, with no more than a couple of sales a year worldwide, Giquello said.

The skeleton, which will be shown to the public in mid-October before the sale, is expected to fetch up to 1.2 million euros ($1.28 million).

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