Xbox, leak reveals the next generation based on cloud and AI

Several sensitive documents detailing Xbox’s future plans have been released during the FTC lawsuit against Microsoft, including several slides revealing plans for the next generation of Xbox consoles, scheduled for 2028 and based on “hybrid cloud” technology. ” and greater use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The vision outlined in the documentation aims to “develop a next-generation hybrid gaming platform capable of harnessing the combined power of the device and the cloud to deliver a more immersive experience and new types of gaming experiences.” A table containing key strategic decisions indicates that Microsoft is considering adopting an ARM64 CPU, similar to the one used by the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, among the points listed under “graphics innovation” emerge objectives such as the implementation of DirectX ray tracing for Microsoft’s next generation consoles, as well as graphics enhancement through machine learning.

In general, Microsoft appears to place a significant emphasis on the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for its next generation of consoles, highlighting its use for “optimizing and accelerating game performance, operations and development, for the benefit of players and developers.” In a list of features that could be “supported by AI and ML,” Microsoft lists several areas of use, from player matchmaking to discovering new players, from AI-based game rating to optimizing monetization strategies. Additionally, among the “key innovations” expected with the next generation is an “immersive gaming and app platform” that will allow anyone to develop their own games, likely similar to Roblox’s development platform. This direction seems in line with what Xbox executive Sarah Bond recently said regarding the potential of AI to allow players to also become game developers within the Xbox ecosystem.

The leaked information also includes details about Microsoft’s next mid-generation refresh, due next year, which will include a drive-less version of the Xbox Series with gyroscope, all at the same current price of 499 dollars/euros.

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