The Minister of Communications, Yoaz Handel, decided today (Sunday) to accept the recommendation of the professional echelon in the ministry and to approve the transfer of Bezeq International Lease’s unified license, after a thorough and in-depth examination of the application to merge the companies.

As part of the conditions for approval, the firm acted to ensure that Bezeq International’s customers would not be harmed, and demanded that Bezeq International and Yes undertake that the subscribers be transferred in a manner that would not harm them and the level of service provided to them.

In addition, in order to maintain competition in the communications market, the ministry conditioned the approval on further structural separation between Bezeq and the merged company – Yes, in a way that would curb Bezeq’s ability to leverage its market power and harm competition, making it easier for consumers to purchase services and receive services.

The ministry said that they believe that the move will not harm the level of competitiveness in the communications market and will continue to act in order to maintain a balanced “playground” that allows fair competition between the various players in the market.

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