Cyber ​​attack on the servers of Pionet – a website and information system developer, has been paralyzing many websites in Israel for about half a day, including the websites of Rambam, Hadassah Ein Hakerem, Hadassah Mount Scopus, Sonol and Idigital, and the site. The marketing of Assuta Hospital.

The origin of the attack is not clear for sure, and Piont stated that they are working with cyber experts to recover the data in order to get the servers back to work and to estimate the extent of the damage. They also stressed that the teams are working in full cooperation with the national cyber array.

As mentioned, during the attack, the systems of Piont, which is owned by Malam Tim Stock Exchange, as well as the sites of more than a hundred of the company’s customers, were shut down. The attackers demand a ransom of about half a million shekels.

Rambam Hospital responded: “This is an external company that maintains Rambam’s external informative image website. The incident has nothing to do with the hospital’s communication, information and server systems.”

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Assuta Hospital said in a response: “We make it clear that this is a marketing site and there is no fear of medical information being leaked.”

Hadassah Medical Center stated: “After a day of disrupting the activity of our external site, where the activity of the site for the series and surfers can enjoy the informative information regarding specialists, medical treatments and hospital services that it offers. The computerized patients – so that no activity in the hospital was harmed or disrupted and there was no access to any inside information. “

The Idigital chain of stores said: “Due to a serious malfunction in Pionet, which maintains the iDigital website as well as many other sites, the company’s website is not active at the moment. We are waiting for more updates on the subject from Piont.”

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