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The next iPhone model will have a screen with ‘always on’ technology and a refresh rate of 120Hz, a model with which Apple expects sales to grow as economies open and for which it requested an increase in production.

The next family of iPhone, predictably iPhone 13, will be presented in a couple of months, as analyst Mark Gurman recalled in his latest Power On newsletter on Bloomberg. In it, he shares that Apple has commissioned suppliers to manufacture up to 90 million devices, 20 percent more than the iPhone 12 units last year.

This increase in production would respond to a more favorable scenario, with the reopening of economies since the beginning of the pandemic, and despite the fact that the new iPhone model will not include noticeable changes.

According to the analyst, iPhone 13 will work with a faster chip (A15), will have a screen optimized to improve autonomy of the battery, with an ‘always on’ mode similar to the one already on the Apple Watch, it would already reach a 120Hz refresh rate.

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