Teens from all over the country participated and competed in the graduation event of the “Akotek” program of the Thoughtful Association, which was held earlier this month at Azrieli College and presented the innovative technological developments they worked on throughout the year.

The in-depth program for youth from the social and geographical periphery of Israel is intended to expose the youth to an acquaintance with the high-tech world and the possibilities inherent in it.

“The program is based on a mentoring work model, personal example and exposure to different living environments and inspiring work. The talented youth have been exposed to innovative technological tools and developments and have enriched their knowledge using advanced software that will give them a springboard,” said the organizers.

The program was attended by boys and girls from groups in Yokneam, Lod and Jerusalem (Ramot and Kiryat Menachem), and from all walks of Israeli society: Arabs, Jews, religious, secular, the Ethiopian community and more.

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First place went to Smart Green – a smart recycling bin, through which a person who recycles will accumulate points in the app and win significant vouchers and discounts. Second place went to a T-Chair, floating to a chair with pressure sensors that shake while sitting properly. In third place is Key.ping – a robot-snake, which contains essential accessories for survival trapped in disaster-stricken sites until rescue arrives.

Other developments presented by the students: a distress bracelet for girls and women, which looks like a piece of jewelry with an electronic connection used as a distress button; An enterprise that assists in the event of a car accident to receive directions, such as the nearest garage, and the option of contacting the police and ambulance directly if required; A sensor for rescuing infertile seniors, which is made of a magnet and has a network connection, which detects immobility for an extended period of time.

Other projects presented: a button for lowering the screen time in the cell phone, which can switch the cell phone to different use modes at the touch of a button; A system of sensors connected to the helmet of workers at construction sites for the purpose of preventing work accidents and falls from a height at construction sites.

The Good Thought Association was founded in 2003 by educators and high-tech people with the aim of connecting populations to the opportunities that the digital and computer world produces for all of us, and carved its banner to bridge social gaps through technology. In the competition, key people from leading organizations in the Israeli economy judged.

“After a challenging year, in which we did not give up on ourselves and the graduates of the program who continued to gain knowledge and experience, we reach the climax of the ‘Akotek’ program,” said Oranit Ben Yashar, CEO of the association. And close exposure to the high-tech world and key figures within it, which is for them an example and inspiration for a better vision and picture of the future for themselves, for self-realization, personal development and success in their adult lives. “

“The youth demonstrated maturity and knowledge, along with entrepreneurship, creativity and technological abilities at a very high level in the development of the innovative ventures they created. I am proud of them and believe that we will hear more about them and their ventures will still affect our lives,” she added.

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