Mystery in space: Recently published photos of ten black objects orbiting the International Space Station have caused a stir storm of conspiracy theorists who wonder if they are UFOs orbiting the Atlantic and following the space station.

This video released by NASA and broadcast as part of its live broadcast from the space station shows circular objects and they naturally aroused interest on the net after being posted on a popular YouTube channel among UFO seekers under the headline “A small fleet of mysterious black objects orbiting the Earth.”

The UFO researcher who uploaded the video to YouTube wrote: “This is what was recorded from the International Space Station over the Atlantic Ocean around 8:30 p.m. “These unidentified objects circled the earth.”

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This video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and many responses from “alien hunters” who have tried to figure out what it is and raised a host of hypotheses – including that it is a spy of the Black Knight satellite – which according to conspiracy theorists is a satellite that has been tracking humans for thousands of years.

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