MADRID, 21 Jul. (Portaltic/EP) –

Zoom has announced two new solutions for its video conferencing service, Zoom Apps y Zoom Events, which allow integrating third-party applications and managing and holding interactive virtual events.

Zoom Apps integrates third-party applications within Zoom Meetings and the desktop client experience. There are currently over 50 Zoom Apps available, ranging from business to consumer use cases, including whiteboards, project management, note-taking, and video games.

For its part, Zoom Events is a comprehensive platform for create a wide range of interactive and immersive virtual events. With this solution, companies can manage and host consecutive event sessions, with an event ‘lobby’ enabled for chat.

Zoom founder and CEO Eric S. Yuan said in a statement that these solutions “will improve the way we connect and collaborate with our colleagues, friends, family members and more, improving productivity and collaboration, while maintaining elements of fun and well-being “.

The company has also reported that its solution OnZoom, that connects brands and small businesses with the end consumer by creating, hosting and monetizing events, will remain in beta as a place to host and publish events.

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