In recent years, the music industry has become a very technological field, with digital services for playback and innovative tools for learning. The Rimon School, in which innovation musicians develop new technologies, also stands out in this trend – in order to change the way music is consumed and used.

“Plugged-In is a kind of tinder for musicians,” she explains Natalie Hausman Weinbach, A student in Rimon’s technology and innovation program. “Until today, you would search independently in Facebook groups or use connections created from personal acquaintance to pick up a musical project. Of course, this is an optimal form of work, which makes the process significantly more difficult.

“Our app will allow each musician to upload a detailed personal profile – which is basically a music business card – that includes his areas of practice and specialization, as well as videos that best represent him, so anyone interested in creating a musical venture can locate the partners best for him at the click of a button. Are you looking for a bassist for the band? The drummer is a breeze before a show?

Roy Belkin, A student at the school, explains that the ARTeRiZ project strives to be the airbnb of the world of performances: “Our site will map all the stages in the country – from the largest to private salons of people willing to host performances. This way artists will not have to struggle .

According to Nava Swarski writes, Director, CEO and venture capitalist in the past, who heads the innovation, technology and entrepreneurship track at Rimon: “Musicians and musicians are now exposed to more business opportunities than in the past. Technology has broken into almost all areas of music, and technological understanding is becoming essential. The music tech industry is boiling. 60,000 new songs are uploaded to Spotify every day. Software-based home studios enable almost professional production, and have grown significantly during the Corona period, when music was created and consumed more vigorously. “

She emphasizes that Israelis are very successful in the field: “The Israeli company Waves unquestionably dominates the global plug-in market – the same software that enables music production in the home or professional studio, at events, performances and broadcasts – with over 80% of the global market, already worth billions and expected to grow by – An additional $ 300 million over the next four years.

“In the innovation, technology and entrepreneurship track at Rimon, we provide tools for setting up a start-up, learning programming and understanding technology, practical experience in business and purchasing a toolbox that will accompany the musicians and musicians in their careers, while meeting and accompanying industry executives,” she adds.

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