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Corning has announced two new types of protective glasses for mobile phone cameras, a new product category that combines professional image quality with the resistance and durability of your lenses.

Gorilla Glass DX y DX+ These are the two new crystals that Corning has announced to optimize the performance of the cameras of mobile devices, a new product that was born due to the increase in mobile photo captures and that this element is one of the most cited among consumers.

The new protective glasses for mobile lenses offers an anti.reflective finish, that contributes to improve the capture of light. Specifically, this protection captures 98 percent of the light, as stated in a statement by Corning Gorilla Glass Vice President and CEO Jaymin Amin.

As the company details, Gorilla Glass DX has been used since 2016 in wearable devices (‘wearables’), and has advanced that Samsung will be the first mobile manufacturer brand to use these crystals protectors in the camera of their mobiles.

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