five places in the house where you should never put the router

Deciding the location of the router is not a simple task, since it can influence the quality and speed of our internet connection. Ideally, the device should be located in the center of the roomalthough it should also be close to the devices to be connected.

If Wi-Fi is too much slow or the connection stops completely this is usually due to a range issue, as many homes have the router in some corner, behind a flower pot, or worse, even in the basement.

Experts recommend checking if there is coverage at home to install fiber optics, since this technology is generally much faster than ADSL.

A slightly raised, central position is ideal for placement, for example on a shelf in the middle of a room or department, for better signal distribution. Here are the worst locations for a home router.

In the kitchen

The kitchen generates a lot of signal interference.

It should also be borne in mind that there are objects and materials that impair the Wi-Fi signal capacity, such as brick and stone walls, mirrors, and even some household appliances.

Metal is another of the great enemies for wireless networks, something that abounds in any kitchen. From metal plates, metal ceilings, countertops, They are all very harmful elements that should be avoided.

Near a window

Maybe it’s the worst place in the house where to put the router, since the signal tends to spread out uncontrollably. Keep in mind that the signal does not travel linearly but in the form of a fan.

In addition, you have to know that water, trees or the sun can negatively interfere with the connection. To have a good connection in a patio, garden or balcony, it is best to use a repeater.

The signal that is emitted by the antennas is made up of electromagnetic waves that travel through the air at a certain frequency (Usually 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz).

These wave frequencies are somewhat sensitive, so equipment such as televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, and other appliances can cause signal interference and even block it altogether.

Inside a drawer

Never store the router in a drawer. Photo: Pexels. Never store the router in a drawer. Photo: Pexels.

Although they are not devices that stand out for their aesthetics, it is never a good place to put it inside a drawer or hide it inside a closet.

On the other hand, the fact of placing it next to walls or walls is also negative, as the signal is unable to pass through concrete. If the wall is very thick, it is inevitable that the coverage will lose strength.

Next to the phone

Never place the router next to your cordless phone, as it can cause signal interference. Actually, it is recommended to keep it as far away from other electrical devices as possible.

The problem is that they use the same frequency bands too, something that could negatively impact wireless connectivity and increase the degree of instability.

Something similar happens with IP cameras that are often connected to this device through an Ethernant cable. To avoid long stretches, it ends up being placed very close to the router. But since both operate in the 2.4 GHz band, it generates inconveniences.

A covered place

Never place it next to your cordless phone, as it can cause signal interference. It is advisable to keep it as far away from other electrical devices as possible.

What’s more, do not cover the router or put it in a corner, as it will affect connectivity. The closer to the center of the room, the better the signal coverage will be distributed.

Another common mistake is to put it close to the ground, since their resources would be wasted. Ideally, find a high position.

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