This is LavvieTAG, the ‘wearable’ for cats that measures their physical activity and detects symptoms of diseases

Wearable devices continue to expand to more and more use cases, which are not necessarily limited only to humans. It is the case of LavvieTAG, a physical activity quantifying bracelet for cats that has been presented in this edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022.

Just a few meters from the big technology companies, as part of the Hall 7 and the South Korean stand at MWC 2022 the products of more modest manufacturers such as the South Korean are also presented PurrSong, responsible for a suite of technology products for cats to which LavvieTAG is now added.

The new device is a physical activity quantifier designed to be incorporated into cat collarswith a weight of five grams, a dimension of two centimeters and a battery with four weeks of autonomy.

LavvieTAG measures up to five different types of physical activities and allows the pet owner to consult this data in real time on the ‘smartphone’ through the PurrSong application.

In addition to monitoring the exercise that the cat does, the main objective of the device is the detection of abnormal health signs or symptoms of disease that are otherwise difficult for their owners to notice.

The quantifying bracelet joins the PurrSong ecosystem, which already offers other connected products for felines, such as its LavvieWater water dispenser -to know how much water they drink- or the LavvieBox sandbox with which the user can monitor their pet’s excretions and detect changes in their weight.

All PurrSong products can complement each other through the AI health subscription service. Doolittle which uses the data from the brand’s devices to analyze the animal’s health patterns and detect health problems when they are still in their early stages to avoid serious complications.

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