As part of a special collaboration of the annual HackIDC competition, the largest student acton in Israel of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, with Tambour – 350 students from various educational institutions around the country were challenged to find a solution that has never been a technological challenge: an application capable of detecting color from any surface (Such as shadow, lighting, shooting angle, etc.) – and match it directly to the Tambour color fan.

A group of four students from four different institutions (the Open University, Tel Aviv University, Ben.Gurion University and the Technion) developed an AR app that does just that (and a little bit beyond) in 24 hours. The group won first place with a prize of NIS 10,000.

The winning team has created an app that accompanies the customer through the entire home design process, in the context of painting – from end to end. It allows you to aim the camera on a desired surface and instantly get its exact hue, regardless of lighting, shadows, shooting angle, camera quality, etc. The app will also allow the user to save the hue he is modeling, and then project it in real time on walls and surfaces in his home to see how the wall or surface will look in the hue he has chosen and whether they match the furniture and home atmosphere.

“To give the user these capabilities, our team has developed an AR app, compatible with all platforms (any device with an Internet connection and a camera), that contains the two features described,” said Roy Elia – team leader, undergraduate software engineer and graduate student Second in Business Administration at Tel Aviv University. “The app uses a combination of a number of computer vision algorithms to enable the feature of projecting the hue on the wall in real time and advanced machine learning models, to match the hue obtained from the camera to a hue that matches it in a Tambour fan.“

Tambour, the main partner for Hackathon this year, expressed a real interest in the development. According to Shalom Daniel, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Tambour: “We are currently examining realistic investment channels in the project so that it will become a useful widget in every home in Israel and around the world.“

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