Update WhatsApp with the best features of Facebook.. How do you use it?

WhatsApp tests have revealed a new feature via the WhatsApp beta version, which is a beta version of the program that allows Meta (previously Facebook) to test new features.

WABetaInfo’s WhatsApp experts analyze the beta version on a regular basis for updates, and one of the most notable is the addition of message feedback, similar to what Facebook does, which allows you to reply to specific messages.

‘Thumbs up,’ ‘heart of love,’ ‘crying with laughter,”shocked,’ ‘tears,’ ‘prayer,’ or ‘high five,’ according to a previous tweet from the WABetaInfo account, so the function will lead you to send messages. Less text means you don’t have to create a response; instead, you merely respond to what someone said, which could mean you get more responses from anti-texts who frequently leave you reading.

You’ll be able to touch on a message to see who answered – and what emojis they used – according to a recent test update, but there’s no news on when (or even if) this feature will spread out from WhatsApp; it might take months, or even years, before consumers are satisfied.

It’s common known that both Facebook and Instagram have some type of message reaction, so it’s only natural that Meta will introduce it to WhatsApp as well.

How do I get the WhatsApp beta?

To get the WhatsApp beta on your smartphone, go to Google Play and search for WhatsApp on your Android device.

Scroll down until you see “Be a beta tester” at the bottom of the page.

To confirm, press the “I’m in” button and then “Join.”

All you have to do now is wait for the beta version of the app to be updated.

On the iPhone, joining the WhatsApp beta is more challenging and capacity is limited.

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