Members of the Unistream Association, which promotes business and social entrepreneurship among young people from the periphery and provides them with advanced employment skills, from the Amal Hadera Entrepreneurship Center develop a startup in the form of a sensing ball that reduces pressure by combining touch and sound. It is an accessory designed to provide a solution to anxiety in real time, when it communicates with an app, which is activated when you click on it, and makes soothing sounds according to the user’s choice.

Also, the app has a button that allows a person to get help from a close person in real time. In the future, it will be designed for both therapists and patients, and will provide virtual treatment rooms and forums for collaborative discourse. As mentioned, the company has six members – talented trainees, only 17 years old.

Karin Matieb, a unionist and VP of product development at the company, shared the development process: “From conversations we had with psychologists and psychotherapists, we realized that a connection of touch and sound can help people suffering from anxiety and stress. “A situation with which, unfortunately, many of the population are now facing the situation in the past year.”

Unistream students from Hadera (Photo: Unistream Association)

“Following a survey and test we conducted among more than 500 people, and a combination of information from other articles and other market studies, we found that anxiety attacks occur very often, in almost any environment where a person must meet expectations and prove their abilities,” she added. Because about 44% agree that there is an atmosphere of pressure in the work / study environment. “

According to her, over 70% of the people who responded to the survey agree that stress and tension affect their agenda. “About 67% claim to experience stress within their framework, especially in the academic one,” Matiev explained, “In addition, we found that respondents use music at least ten times a day to relax, and even use physical products to restore heart rate and relaxation to their daily routine.” She stressed that “it strengthened our sense and that’s how we realized we had to express our idea.”

“Our startup will participate in the Unistream ‘Venture of the Year’ competition, which will feature about 100 more youth ventures from across the country. The competition will be judged by senior judges from the business and public sectors and if our venture wins, we will receive a very significant grant for further development.”

Assaf Weiss, CEO of Unistream, noted that “the Hadera Amalim trainees project demonstrates exactly the power of Unistream – the ability to enable youth in the geosocial periphery to develop ventures that are both groundbreaking and socially influential. This combination gives young people a real opportunity to dream big and succeed in life and at the same time bring about real change in the world. With more than 3,500 trainees a year and more than 4,000 graduates, Unistream works to turn the periphery into a growth engine for the Israeli economy. “He concluded: “.

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