Apple is expected to hold its traditional fall event in mid.September, about a month and a half from today – during which the company’s new flagship devices will likely be launched. So here’s what is known (or at least seems to be known) about Apple’s next flagship device series.

date: The announcement event will likely take place in mid.September, based on the company’s history, as Apple has launched its new flagship devices on that date each year. However, there have been some instances where the company has launched devices at a different time. Analyst Daniel Ives, of Woodbush Securities, has released a forecast that the announcement event is expected to take place in the third week of September. He did not specify an exact date, but the company usually holds its events on Tuesdays, so the event will likely take place on September 14th.

Tim Cook (Photo: Apple Inc / Handout via REUTERS)

Appearance: Do not expect significant changes in the design of the devices, although it has been reported that the company is testing a number of new colors and finishes for the devices. One significant change that will probably be in the new devices is the reduction of the gap, which has been at the top of the devices since the iPhone X released in 2017.

The American news site MacRumors published pictures of screen protectors taken by the Greek repair lab iRepair. The photos show shields designed for three iPhone 13 models in 5.4.inch, 6.1.inch and 6.7.inch screen sizes. In the published photos, it can be seen that the gap at the top of the device is significantly smaller compared to the previous models, due to the transfer of the earpiece to the frame at the top of the device.

iPhone 13 Front Glass Reveals Smaller Notch With Earpiece Relocated to Top Bezel by @rsgnl

. (@MacRumors) March 23, 2021

As mentioned, the flaw has existed in the iPhone devices since the launch of the iPhone X about four years ago, and since then Apple has refused to reduce it, even though other manufacturers – like Shiomi and Samsung – got rid of it long ago, in favor of screens with a camera hole. Analyst Ming.Chi Kuo further estimated that Apple is expected to move to a similar model in 2022, when in 2023 it is expected to release an iPhone with no holes or flaws.

New video and photos show off iPhone 13 dummy line, including redesigned camera setup and more

– iDownloadBlog (@iDownloadBlog) July 12, 2021

What’s new in the device? According to recent reports, it seems worth lowering expectations in this area as well – as according to sources quoted by Bloomberg, the expected upgrades in the devices will be quite minor, including the processor, camera and screen. From various Android manufacturers), along with improvements to the photo system and a larger battery, and it was also reported that the iPhone 13 models (if they are called that) will be heavier – this is because they will be equipped with larger batteries than before.

In addition, in the last week rumors have surfaced that Apple will incorporate in devices a rather coveted feature, which is now integrated in Android devices. This is Always On Display – a state in which the screen does not actually turn off, and displays a number of data such as time, important alerts and battery percentages.

price: According to various estimates, no significant difference is expected between the price of the iPhone 12 and the new models, despite the global chip crisis.

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